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Saturday, July 16, 2011

Top Parenting Advice…What do you think?

Found some bits of advice from Zen Family Habits and wanted to hear what you think and what advice you have. 

1. Do not be a perfectionist.

This is probably the most important piece of information that I have found.  I can be a perfectionist which is a not a bad work.  Why should our kids be perfect in everything they do? I know we want them prepare them to succeed in life, but they should also be allowed to enjoy their youth.  The best way for them to learn is by doing it themselves and making mistakes.  Which leads to the second piece of advice....

2. Allow them as much independence as you possibly can.

This is hard for me, because I want to be the parent that does everything for my kids.  They have to be able to do for themselves.  Even if it is as simple as cutting their own meat! We cannot be there for them all the time, after all they do have to go to school!

3. Be present.

I hear what you are saying "Of course I'm present! I am always with my kids!" But are you always listening to them when they need you to be?  I have a 14 year old girl and the most important thing to her when I get home from work is for me to hear all about what happened during the day even if it does not involve her, but everything that went on in her friends' lives.  Sometimes, when I walk in the door, this is the last thing I want to hear about and I am terrible about letting her babble on and never hearing a word she said.  Show your child that you care about what is important to him/her.  Help them with their homework when they need help, listen to what they have to say! Especially when you do not want too or would rather be watching the baseball game. 

These are all things I strive for, but find I do not always practice. How do you help yourself remember things like this and keep them in practice?

What advice to you have???

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