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Sunday, July 3, 2011

I'm Back!

So I tried blogging for a while last year and did not keep at it.  Life gets in the way sometimes.  I am back now.  Watch out!

I am no longer selling Pampered Chef, not because I do not absolutely love their product, but because I do not have the time to keep up with all that comes with having a direct selling business.  I switched jobs and the new one is requiring a lot more time and energy.  Besides, now that I am management, I cannot sell my ware to subordinate would look really bad! 

Kids are doing great....the teenager is a teenager and her mouth is probably going to keep getting her into a lot of trouble if she does not learn to keep it shut.  Lil Man is just as sweet as ever MOST OF THE TIME, but I think his teenmonster sister is rubbing off on him and he thinks he can be rude to people.  Working on nipping that in the butt!!

What are you doing to keep your kids busy this summer? 

We are starting to take up hiking in the Wildlife Refuge here in Southwest Oklahoma.  Its a ton of fun, but since the area has been under such a severe drought and heat wave we have to go hiking early to beat the heat.  Beautiful landscape around Lawton. 

We have also been horse back riding, to the OKC Zoo, and to the OKC Science Museum.  Most of the time though, the kids are at the community pool from the time it opens till it closes at 7.  At least they are not sitting inside playing video games all day!! 

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