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Friday, February 26, 2010

Essential Items for Working Moms

What tools do you use to make your life a little easier? Do you regularly use a slow cooker? How about your coffee pot, could you live without it? I know I couldn’t! The only thing that keeps me going most days is the first cup of coffee, and the second, and the third…etc…

I am a Smart Phone addict. I have it in my hand everywhere I go, almost glued to my hand. This little tool keeps me in touch with my 13 year old that is constantly on the go and I have both my kids’ teachers easily assessable because I can send them an email on the go. Amazing how much direct-selling business I can do just by text messaging certain customers. Granted, most customers I wouldn’t dare do business in that manner, but my younger generation customers prefer this method of communication.

Maureen Lipinski has a list of ‘Essential Items for Working Moms’ and I think she is right on target. Here are some of the things that she says are essential:

Slow Cooker
Smart Phone
Grocery Delivery Service
Warehouse/Discount Store Membership
A Good Support System
A Coffee Pot
Dependable Childcare
Solid Morning Routing
The Ability to Say “No”
Me Time
What do you think? Anything you see missing from this list?


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